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Are you a protester? Then you know more than anyone how stressful a day can be while its filled with a variety of strong emotions. Being aware of the day and how to manage yourself will help be efficient in this new lifestyle. Boom, right to it.

Delta waves (.5 to 3 Hz) are the slowest brain waves and occur primarily during our deepest state of dreamless sleep.

Pick a time like 11 pm to 9 am (or whatever) the more consistent you are with sleep and wake routines, your personal sleep cycle will adjust allowing you to hit Delta Waves easier. Delta Waves is the realm where many of your answers to our concerns come from. When you’re coming up to new challenges, worrying about it doesn’t help the urgency. What helps is getting to this part of your sleep!

Theta waves (3 to 8 Hz) occur during sleep but have also been observed in the deepest states of Zen meditation.

This is a good place to rest energy, naps go from Alpha to Theta, and so listening to empowering speeches about the evolution of mind, man, and ambition can help shade or fine-tune your core-energy to a more appropriate vibration.

Alpha waves (8 to 12 Hz) are present when your brain is in an idling default-state typically created when you’re daydreaming or consciously practicing mindfulness or meditation. Alpha waves can also be created by doing aerobic exercise. 

Create Art and/or Strategies right here! You can research art and strategies to feel inspired. A good place to start is to recreate (even if it’s identical to the exiting) art or strategy. Draw It Out! Keep up a pattern of creativity during this stage to enhance it.

Beta waves (12-30 Hz) typically dominate our normal waking states of consciousness and occur when attention is directed towards cognitive and other tasks. Beta is a ‘fast’ wave activity that is present when we are alert, attentive, focused, and engaged in problem-solving or decision making. Depression and anxiety have also been linked to beta waves because they can lead to “rut-like” thinking patterns. 

In this state, you’re marching, staying alert, and moving your feet! Balance Beta Waves by Chanting, Clapping your hands, and Stomping your feet to the beat! Please bring a drum or any musical instrument. You can also learn a chant you love, because listening to the other chants, you may feel like throwing it in the march when you feel the time is right. This helps grow in Beta.

Gamma waves (25 to 100 Hz) typically hover around 40 Hz and are the fastest of the brain wave bandwidths. Gamma waves relate to the simultaneous processing of information from different brain areas and have been associated with higher states of conscious perception.

The only way here is by utilizing the other waves correctly. Gamma Waves are great for when being confronted and confronting opposition. Pro-Athletes get paid top dollar because of their ability to be here. You can do it too! This is a very unexpected experience and usually bestows itself onto you when you’re in the middle of when you feel like your life is being threatened. The only way here is with confidence, sometimes when things happen faster than one’s realization, you can get sucked up into Gamma. Be active and confident in your everyday activities, and know, you’ll always safe because of this bad boy wave, right here.