Where do the hustlers go when there’s no more violence, thrill, and excitement?

We’re creating a database of interviews with former convicts and present trouble-makers to find out what is it they would like to do if there were no crime, no drugs, and no violence.


We believe that as more millennials and zoomers implement social justice into their lifestyle, another community, like thrill-seekers and drug dealers, is going to feel exposed. Its a topic that may need more elaboration but if the crime rate lowers, we believe that there will be a tougher force on the people who has used police and communities as cover. There are lesser crimes (like the transportation of psychedelics) and violent crimes (like the transportation of guns) that go unnoticed because of the system in place now. Once the people start to win over that system, it is important to have already-in-place a psychological supplement for the lifestyle of “crime”.

First steps is interviewing this community.