Police Officer Caught Being Pedophile

Bucks County Regional Police Corporal Clifford Horn was caught by a group of concerned citizens posing as minors online to expose sexual predators. Horn chatted online with someone he believed to be a minor, agreed to meet with the decoy, and was confronted when he showed up to the meeting with his pants unzipped. You can watch the entire encounter in the video below. He has since been arrested for attempting to lure a child. The group that exp...

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Download & Installing Adobe Programs

These are the full instructions for how to pull this off. I went through the process to confirm the authenticity, and succeeded. I currently have Illustrator and Photoshop on my Mac. Do not skip any parts and read carefully if you've never used terminal. It is a straight approach and ran into very little problems. If you run into any issues, and are in NYC, contact us on instagram. Summary: Install the Adobe Creative Cloud app (link below...

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Buying Inexpensive Produce

If you crave fresh produce but shudder at the prices, this is the list for you! Take a look at these 13 options for finding budget-friendly produce both locally and online. 1. Roadside stands Roadside stands are reliable places to get good deals on produce that was literally hanging on a vine somewhere an hour or two ago. Often they are located just outside the metro city limits. 2. Any store on a Wednesday For many grocers, mid-week i...

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Mutual Aid - Is / Not

Horizontalist and participatory characteristics of mutual aid projectsCharacteristics of hierarchical, charitable non-profits and social service programsDe-professionalized survival work done by volunteersService work staffed by professionalsBeg, borrow, and steal suppliesGrant money for supplies/philanthropic control of programUse people power to resist any efforts by government to regulate or shut down activitiesFollow government regulations abo...

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Survival Without Rent

Survival Without Rent(survivre sans loyer) This book was originally published in 1986. It was revised and expanded in 1989. Not all text, it included some fantastic illustrations, some of which can be viewed at a site that contains images by squatter, activist and artist  Seth Tobocman.  Small stylistic changes were made as it was keyboarded for uploading to the internet in Februa...

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Deadly Exchanges Between US and Israeli Forces

State violence, discrimination, oppression, colonialism, capitalism... all tie in together weaving the unsurmountable suffering people experience. With Palestinians receiving solitude across the world and its recent growing awareness, we hope more initiatives start to focus on the variety of rooted problems in the US. Our (United States) policing is a small but great manifestation of fear we have over our neighbors. And so we want to take a look ...

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Abolition Now

What if the police go on strike... what would happen? What if the city dismantled law enforcement and left civilians to fend for themselves. Although striking may be possible, still these are highly unlikely situations. In this article, I want to talk about the 'What if?' and how we can benefit from being prepared. To Be Continued

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It's FRIDAY!!! You what that means? It's Friendly Fridge Fridays! We are on an amazing journey of learning and discovering all about the different Friendly Fridges and their Artist. This week we had the pleasure of stopping over at The Bronx Friendly Fridge. 8 w Kings Bridge rd, Bronx, NY Right out side of a local store sit this shining star of a Bronx neighborhood. It's located right near the train and is also accessibl by buses so which ma...

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