Today, we may seem like just another “t-shirt company.”, but if you stick with us, our intentions, ambitions, and determination – you will see we are much more than that. In our role as artists & merchants, we are committed to:


By building the scale and power of the solidarity economy movement in Black, Indigenous, and working class communities throughout New York City, YUMYODA aspires to support a just transition from an extractive to a regenerative economy.


A fundamental mission of our organization is to re-distribute, and circulate, wealth from capitalists to disadvantaged communities. We serve the coalitions against colonialism and the lineage that followed. 


The ability to redefine and restore wealth is one of the best ways to ensure that resources such as health care, transportation, and affordable housing are accessible to everyone. It is the mission of our organization to address the underlying social issues that divide our siblings. 

Refund the community.

Artists, merchants, and promoters come together to discuss safety in a world where excessive and over-funded police forces exist. Anti-Pig Nation is a marketing coalition, and we’ve joined them to help our branding get out to the right people.



116 Suffolk St, NYC 10002
Phone: (917) 409-0440

Queer, trans + SWer cooperatively-owned activist bookstore + café in NYC.
Tuesday 11AM–7PM
Wednesday 11AM–7PM
Thursday 11AM–7PM
Friday 11AM–7PM
Saturday 11AM–7PM
Sunday 11AM–7PM
Holidays Closed
Word Up Community
Librería Comunitaria

2113 Amsterdam Ave, NYC 10032
Phone: (347) 688-4456

Collectively run bookshop & arts space. Librería y espacio para las artes
Tuesday 12PM–6PM
Wednesday 12PM–6PM
Thursday 12PM–6PM
Friday 12PM–6PM
Saturday 11AM–5PM
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed

About Us

We consider YUMYODA® to be a synthesis of three elements: the collective and collaboration of artists, the ecological and economic relations of resources such as machinery and materials, and last but not least, the philosophy and solidarity of our intentions.


We believe every artist should be an independent artist who owns their work continuously. Community owned machinery should be ubiquitous, and strongly consider safety of health, information, and our Mother Nature. In addition, we recognize the complexity of our goals as society, which is why we have chosen to spearhead a single field as a collective.


Rather you’re skateboarding or protesting, our products withstand the wear and tear of pushing boundaries.

Supima® Cotton

Our Supima® cotton is grown in the San Joaquin Valley of California and yields the top 1% of cotton grown globally. This extremely prized Extra-Long-Staple (ELS) cotton is considered the softest and most premium traceable cotton available. To preserve the fiber’s inherent quality and fiber length, the cotton is processed on a traditional roller gin to protect the fiber length, versus the much more common saw gins which tear cotton fibers. This particular type of cotton is molecularly verified throughout its entire supply chain to guarantee authenticity and has a reputation for being the finest available. This is the cotton found on many of the cotton products from the world’s leading luxury brands.

GOTS® Organic Cotton

Our 400gsm GOTS® organic cotton fleece is made with a plush, brushed interior for incredible softness and durability; making our heavyweight fleece products exceptionally comfortable and built to last. Our GOTS® certified fleece factory is under strict organic compliance that aligns with globally recognized sustainability standards. No toxic dyes, chemical fertilizers/pesticides, or formaldehyde are used to make this product. Additionally, as part of the GOTS certification the entire supply chain is investigated to ensure fair wages and ethical treatment of all employees at each level of the production process. This is the most comprehensive organic certification platform in the apparel industry and we are quite proud to be included in the GOTS roster of brands that continue to walk the walk in their environmental stewardship initiatives.