We did not seek every change in society only through uprising. Throughout the countless centuries of rebellion, sacrifice has been a prominent decorative element of activists. While it is well known that sacrifice is important, and that uprises bring about change, has anyone ever ask, what leverages has revolution brought?

While the Panthers fought against police brutality, they also invested heavily in community organizing and aid. Their free breakfast program fed thousands of hungry kids before school; they established health clinics, child development centers and food pantries. Although uprise and defense were fundamental to the maintenance of civil rights protesting, their community involvement was instrumental in pressing for change. It was the tangible change, the witness to benefits, and the immediate positive outcomes that led to cities changing for the better.

In order to anticipate government adaptation to these losses, we must recognize that, although we may have it easier than our ancestors, the opposition does not diminish in size or intelligence.

How can we leverage change today?