Abundance / Mutual Aid

All things are free in this component, the Abundance Component. We have food, phones, clothes, accessories, fashion, housing, internet, water, and so on. In addition to being connected to the Network Component, this component is also connected to the Reservation Component. With regard to the Network Component, funds are transmitted over to the Network. In turn, the Network transfers over goods that have been packaged, sterilized, salvaged, etc. Opportunities that exist are of the following: food rescue, both guerrilla and formal, clothing salvaging and creation, laundry pick-up and drop-off, food logistics, material logistics, and many others.

When it comes to distributing goods to the people, the Abundance Component is a volunteer-led initiative. Although the location can vary, it is recommended to have a fixed location so that the community knows where to go and how to find it – either every day or every week. There is a crucial support system within our artist community among volunteers. Artists play a significant role in the production of finished art for two reasons: 1) to distribute it freely among the people, and 2) to contribute to the Reservation Network fund.

Between the lines, there is a critical relationship between the Abundance Component and the Reservation Component. Through this program, artists find their way to create appreciated and valued art for the purpose of reservation. This art is displayed and sold as part of the Reservation’s program, with the objective of building up a resource base in terms of land and funds.