These are the full instructions for how to pull this off. I went through the process to confirm the authenticity, and succeeded. I currently have Illustrator and Photoshop on my Mac. Do not skip any parts and read carefully if you’ve never used terminal. It is a straight approach and ran into very little problems.

If you run into any issues, and are in NYC, contact us on instagram.


  1. Install the Adobe Creative Cloud app (link below)
  2. Download offline installers (link below)
  3. Install them while offline
  4. Use the “correct” AdobeZii patcher – important – most have malware (link below)

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Install the Adobe Creative Cloud app on your Mac. You need Internet access on to do this. It will ask you to create an account: you can make up information and you do NOT have to verify the e-mail address.
  2. Download the patcher from the Apnee link and just save it for later. Keep the web page open in a tab because you will need it in the next step.
  3. Use these instructions to download whichever apps you want. Do NOT just pick the most recent version — you have to pick whatever version matches the last supported version AdobeZii can patch. These download SUPER fast and way faster / easier than torrenting IMHO. NOTE: While downloading it may look “stuck” but it is working — keep it open until it says “process complete”. Optional: Open “Activity Monitor” and switch to the Network tab if you want to see proof of network activity and/or monitor download speeds.
  4. Go offline / disable Internet on your mac
  5. Install all the apps, one at a time. If you get a “apple can’t check for malicious software” message, go to “System Preferences” -> “Security” and allow all apps and click the “open anyway” button if need be.
  6. Open and close each app once, one at a time. (Again, you should be OFFLINE at this point.)
  7. Open the patcher you downloaded from Apnee and click “patch” and it will go through each Adobe app in your Applications folder.
  8. Done – you can go online and/or use the apps now