Food Rescue and Restoration

“Date labels are the dates on food packaging that are accompanied by phrases such as “use by,” “best before,” “sell by,” “enjoy by,” and “expires on.” Date labels can lead to food waste because they are misleading to consumers and are generally not related to food safety, resulting in safe, wholesome food being needlessly thrown away.”

Department of Environmental Conservation

What We Do To Help

Leaveraging Opportunities

Leverage opportunities to reduce food waste at the source

Rather we work with the owners of the food waste or not, we utilize BioBags to separate and store the preserved foods. On that night it is distributed throughout New York City’s community refrigerators or refrigerated overnight for next day distribution at Mutual Aid initiatives. From our experience, foods last a minimum of 3 after being abandoned by business owners, anything less – get’s distributed to refrigerators with large dates marked on them or left alone.

Providing For Those In Need

Connect healthfully and potentially wasted food to those in need

Diverting From Landfills

Provide technical assistance and needed resources to help divert organic waste from the landfill

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