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Our Mission


From bullying to stereotypes to home misunderstandings, there are attributes one may bring onto authoritative roles in society. Add that to a hierarchical system, mostly manipulated through status and leverage, and you receive a structure sensitive to a vicious cycle of false identities and one-upping each other. The false prophecy of “staying authentic” is thrown around, blinding many into dead-end roles, while ‘privilege’ continues to be the currency slipped under the table. This is a lingering bacterium to society.

The Creature represents the antihero one must become in order to make change. When the “good guys” turn out to actually not be good, you will still be displayed as demonic and absurd, vilified as you set out to make change. The smile in the creature represents the confidence and support it has towards the goal. Shape-shifting, learning, and adapting to the environment is to understand everyone has their own personal constitution. The large hands represent the work that needs to be done to build! Focusing on creative building, allowing that which needs to be abolished, to implode. Frenemies are people we don’t need to understand, but know they are here with us.


Why we do this?

Everything is “in theory”. The way my system works, the way their system works, and the way your system works: That’s a crucial concept to understand because people stick to what they know. And, so we ask, what has been working? And even more importantly, who has it worked for? Radical change is called upon, not just by radical activist, but by people on top of a hierarchy whom are being effected by the system that forces conformity. It affects people in authoritative positions who are close to their family, and that family is diverse.  It devastates conformity within the working class when we ask “aren’t you tired”, and you answer “yes”! Your dream can be dystopian or utopian, one thing is for sure, change is evitable.

So “why do we do this”? Simply put, we’re becoming the change we needed.

Who we support


There are many organizations who are doing, and have done, amazing work. As we list the organizations we support, we understand and hope this list will grow. We’ve decided to go with our comrades, who we’ve seen first hand in their initiatives. We commemorate passion in the face of capitalistic pressure, and we support our siblings in taking the steps toward change.

Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Capitalistic Brand?

No. Although we have a brand identity, our behavior is different, and we continue to try things differently. If any of our actions seem capitalistic, we would most likely be identified as a Social Enterprise (capitalism + socialism).

Where does my money go when I buy from you?

We split the money into three (3) categories: Production, Overhead, & Mutual Aid. Due to disorganized and discomfort in what is Mutual Aid today, we strongly suggest supplementing mutual aid while playing our part to cycle the dollars we're supplementing with.

When will I receive my product?

First and foremost, always include shipping. Not including a shipping fee is a good way to have your product stuck in storage. Second, depending on if the product is DTG or Screen Printed, it can be between 5 to 10 Business Days.

What about body cameras? What about civilian review boards, implicit bias training, and community policing initiatives?

Video footage (whether from body cameras or other sources) wasn’t enough to get justice for Philando Castile, Samuel DuBose, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, and far too many other victims of police violence. A single implicit bias training session can’t overcome decades of conditioning and department culture. Other reforms, while often noble in intention, simply do not do enough to get to the root of the issue.

This all sounds good in theory, but wouldn’t it be impossible to do?

Throughout US history, everyday people have regularly accomplished “impossible” things, from the abolition of slavery, to voting rights, to the 40-hour workweek, and more. What’s really impossible is the idea that the police departments can be reformed against their will to protect and serve communities whom they have always attacked. The police, as an institution around the world, have existed for less than 200 years—less time than chattel slavery existed in the Americas. Abolishing the police doesn’t need to be difficult—we can do it in our own cities, one dollar at a time, through redirecting budgets to common-sense alternative programs. Let’s get to work!