Direct Action Wear.

We believe it’s going to take more than just being factually correct if you want to change the way society has been operating for the last 100 years. Understanding the difference between the System, the Gear, and the People who operate this monster will have to be introduced to a success that no one’s ever seen. Action isn’t about results, the love of action is inspiration.

Challenge Accepted!


People Powering

One Solution Containing Many Solutions

Ok, let’s be honest, there isn’t just one solution to a complex problem. However, if we find one solution that can achieve a sample of what our goals are, then chances are it can be replicated and driven further. We believe an interchangeable director-driven streetwear brand is part of the solution (with strict morals attached).

It’s Time For New Heroes!


Fuel The Movement

Abolish The System 

Our big goal as a brand is to abolish systems like I.C.E., Policing, and Prisons. We’re more interested in empowering communities with rehabilitating resources, and so, we fund that vision with our profits. We hope to create products with abolition in mind and grow into strengthening the individual within the communities.

Abolition Now!


Tools To Design

Design, Development, and Social Strategy Studio.  

We’re doing numerous things to recreate old systems. While focusing on creating a new capital model that leans into empowerment, we distribute the majority of our profits to charity and cap the highest possible earnings with the changes in workload and what is considered a livable income.


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