Direct Action Wear

Wear It, Like You Mean It.

Direct Action Wear is practically your uniform for urban action. We want to be comfortable, stylish, and without any conformity. Who are you? What do you fight for? Are you living? or are you dying? We challenge you to not take no for an option. Our world is good to us, and we want to give back. Nothing should stand in our way… no wall, no mall, no pipes. We challenge you to speak up, see what happens.

Challenge Accepted!


Abolition Now!

Through Community Building, Seek Abolition.

We believe in abolishing the system of policing and prisons under the government. We believe Social Workers and Community Leaders working together to house victims of cruelty and corruption before they worsen is a milestone. We also want to remove capitalism from the grips of government. We want to create an abundance of food, security, and shelter. Also! creating a society that accepts creative expressions through all mediums.

It’s Time For New Heroes!


Pyramid Coalition

Like The Egyptians, We Build The Unthinkable

We see socialized-businesses contributing toward Education, Food Security, and Shelter. We believe the power of love and forgiveness will earn a new level of respect and protection. We believe in building a new monument, so powerful, it will echo through time and forever stamp our species as the most innovative and resilient in the galaxy.

Power To All People!


The New Olympians

Artists + Athletes

While Yumyoda focuses on a strategical and technological approach to a sustainable planet, we empower artists and athletes with the resources. We believe in a successfully creative world because you shouldn’t be appreciated more when you’re dead. We’re putting our best foot forward when approaching this new society. 

We Are Activists, Overthrow The Titans.

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