Cultivating Resilience and Sustainability

Our mission is to bring together individuals with a strong passion for food, sustainability, and self-defense. We engage discussions about survival and maintenance, nurturing a culture of self-expression, learning, and collaboration around radical ideas.

Event Goals

  • Create a space for people to discuss survival and sustainability.
  • Foster community engaged knowledge-sharing through the medium of zines.
  • Promote DIY publishing and self-expression as tools for building resilience.
  • Discussions based on solidarity economics, community defense, and restorative justice.
  • Establish a recurring event to connect like-minded people and grow the community.

Event Activities

  • Zine Trading: Bring your favorite/self-made food, sustainability, and survival zines.
  • Featured Speaker: A guest will discuss their favorite zine and their creative process.
  • Community Dialogue: Attendees will discuss food and safety.
  • Networking: Participants can form new partnerships with like-minded people.

Event Benefits

  • Food and survival insights are gained from participants’ experiences and ideas.
  • The event builds community among sustainability and resilience enthusiasts.
  • DIY publishing and self-expression are promoted at the event.
  • Each event highlights food and sustainability issues, increasing awareness.

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