“Bad Apples?”

In contrast to developed countries like England and Wales, where there were only three fatal police shootings in 2023, America saw 1,163 civilians killed by police. The issue of police brutality is not isolated to a few "bad apples" but deeply ingrained...

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The Local Dollar

What's good, ya'!? In today's ever-changing economic landscape, communities are looking for new ways to explore autonomy and resilience, and they're finding it in a solidarity economy. The...

Palenstine-Israel Statement

Palenstine-Israel Statement

At Yumyoda, we are deeply committed to acknowledging and addressing historical injustices and advocating for reparations as a means of promoting social justice. It is essential that we recognize the historical facts surrounding Palestine as a poignant example of the consequences of...

Unmasking The Dark History Part 1

Unmasking The Dark History Part 2

10 Targeted Attacks on Communities of Color by White Delusional-Supremacist Our mission is to shed light on the dark history of white pseudo-supremacist violence and targeted attacks that have plagued communities of color throughout American history. These attacks specifically aimed at communities...

Mikey Rosado Bronx case where police killed young man and hid behind the antisocial behavior of the citizen, two wrongs don't make a right.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

In this article, we analyze the Rosado incident, in which a young man was shot and left to bleed out by an off-duty police officer. Video evidence contradicted the initial report that the young man had pointed a gun at the police...

Data - Yumyoda X Protest NYC

Yumyoda and ProNYC (Protest_NYC) have joined forces to introduce PiggyBanks: Microeconomics. Together, we have compiled comprehensive information about the NYPD to shed light on various aspects of public safety. By analyzing the data, we uncover narratives that encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from costs to instances of misuse. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide a deeper understanding of the NYPD and its impact on the community.



116 Suffolk St, NYC 10002
Phone: (917) 409-0440

Queer, trans + SWer cooperatively-owned activist bookstore + café in NYC.
Tuesday 11AM–7PM
Wednesday 11AM–7PM
Thursday 11AM–7PM
Friday 11AM–7PM
Saturday 11AM–7PM
Sunday 11AM–7PM
Holidays Closed
Word Up Community
Librería Comunitaria

2113 Amsterdam Ave, NYC 10032
Phone: (347) 688-4456

Collectively run bookshop & arts space. Librería y espacio para las artes
Tuesday 12PM–6PM
Wednesday 12PM–6PM
Thursday 12PM–6PM
Friday 12PM–6PM
Saturday 11AM–5PM
Sunday Closed
Holidays Closed
Property Is Theft
Records + Books

411 South 5th St, BKLYN 11211

Books & Records
A community space, venue and info-shop supported by book and record sales.
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday  1PM–8PM
Thursday  1PM–8PM
Friday  1PM–8PM
Saturday  1PM–8PM
Sunday  1PM–8PM
Monday Closed
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