Political Economic Connection

Political Economic Connection

In our pursuit of a just and equitable society, we delve into the intricacies of financial and relationship struggles within the activist movement, presenting a holistic approach rooted in a commitment to resistance, solidarity, and the cultivation of a transformative narrative.

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Observing the Financial Struggle

Yumyoda keenly recognizes the challenges faced by initiatives striving to create positive change. We’ve observed organizations come and go throughout the movement in recent years and have understood a critical vulnerability: financial sustainability. The prevalent influence of capitalism, with its embedded individualism, often obstructs the collaborative ethos required for collective well-being. The thin line between the desire to enact positive change and the pressing needs of self-preservation becomes apparent when we grapple with bills, insufficient access to resources, and the constant threat of slipping further into disparity.

I’m talking about frontline organizers and leaders who do incredible work and, on top of the daily struggle, sacrifice their safety net for the greater good, whether through a strike, loss of income, or occupying space and being separated from essential resources such as three full meals. It is true that we keep us safe, but there is still vulnerability and a divide between activists and those who support them. This means that artificial activists can thrive. This allows some people to stay at home while others march. This means that there is a disparity between confidence in the fight and the actual fight.

To transcend these challenges and challenge the existing capitalist framework, Yumyoda proposes a paradigm shift. Rather than dissociating from the prevailing culture, we advocate for success within it. A call to build coalitions both vertically and horizontally emerges as a fundamental strategy:

1. Vertical Coalitions

Vertical coalitions are about addressing deeper needs and tapping into interdependence. We envision a collective supply chain where entities like food cooperatives, merchants, farmers, and distributors collaborate. Unlike the current scenario, where donated funds may inadvertently support the capitalist system, a vertical coalition ensures control over the origins and allocation of resources. Community land trusts, local farmers, food cooperatives, and mutual aid initiatives form a symbiotic relationship, creating a supply chain that not only serves essential needs but also fosters community power and political cohesion.

2. Horizontal Coalitions

Horizontal coalitions focus on shared challenges, recognizing that strength lies in unity. For example, community food distributors across the borough, can collectively purchase resources. By combining funds, these groups enhance their purchasing power, promoting efficiency and resource utilization. This approach not only strengthens their capacity to address shared challenges but also cultivates a sense of solidarity that extends beyond individual initiatives. The buying power achieved through bulk purchases is a direct line to people power in a capitalistic system. It is now necessary to focus on the needs of the people, as they have the funds to keep the business running. Bulk purchases provide an increase in available resources. Coalitions can buy many more bananas than individuals. Finally, self-determination without reliance on donors, government funding, or mystery supporters cannot be overlooked.

Establishing healthy relationships

Yumyoda places equal emphasis on developing healthy relationships within the movement. Optimism about the possibility of change becomes a unifying force, encouraging open communication and collaboration despite opposing viewpoints. You are more likely to have a healthy debate with someone who is confident in the changes than with someone who is afraid. This is not to say it should not be urgent. Understandably, we will have different points of view, but if we are unable to be optimistic within ourselves, if we feel the unstoppable collapse of our community alongside the old system, it will be even more difficult to put differences aside and feed the person outside those differences. This is why we reject the accelerationist viewpoint. Accelerationists emphasize their belief that communities are formed through dire circumstances. This is a contradiction if you are an abolitionist. You’re saying that when times get tough, we band together. Meanwhile, rents have risen, the incarceration system has destroyed families, and the vicious cycle has claimed millions, if not billions, of lives through malnutrition and violence around the world. We believe that dire circumstances do inspire leaders and learners, but this is in no comparison to establishing a healthy financial and political community and driving it through change.

In line with these principles, we employ a unique approach through our propaganda team to inspire and envision a brighter future. By showcasing positive changes and encouraging imagination, Yumyoda aims to create a narrative that resonates with the collective consciousness, fostering a community that is not only resilient but also inspired to strive for transformative ideals. It inspires new cultures that can only exist in struggle, as opposed to catastrophe. If we could avoid genocides, would you still be an accelerationist? How much pain does one need to understand urgency? That is something only a cop would answer. How much creativity and resources does the human mind need to stand up and fight? We’re willing to find out! We’re willing to fight and capture in a way that has been done before, but without the division. Black Wall Street was a town. Fred Hampton was a person… We, are a community.

In conclusion, Yumyoda’s statement is clear: to navigate the financial and relationship struggles within the activist movement, a strategic combination of vertical and horizontal coalitions, coupled with a commitment to fostering healthy relationships and a transformative narrative, is essential for sustained resistance and meaningful change. Join us and help us come together.



Vic Stizzi

Community Strategist / Creative Director

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